Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Good Dog" by Maya Gottfried

I love dogs, and haven't had my own for like eight years! so when I saw this poetry picture book about dogs I had to read it! The poems are written in all different forms and describe a different dog breed on each page. Some of the poems look like lists. Some of the poems have sequential rhyming. Some lines are staggered on the page. Some of the poems include repetition. I like how the poems represent the dogs behavior. For example, the Chihuahua's poem is short and defiant and the actual poem reminded me of a chihuahua. One line about the chihuahua is " I chased that hound, and then he hid. I may be small, but I am swift." Or another line from a bulldog poem was " All I really want is a hug and a bone". I really liked how all the poems describe the nature and behavior of each dog.

One of my favorite poems is in a letter format from a dog to their "person" and it's an apology for staining the piano bench and getting hair all over, and chewing on their leather shoes.

I think adults as well as children would get a laugh out of this book and it teaches you about different kinds of dogs and what kind of behaviors to expect of them. This is a great poem book that I would definitely use in my classroom to show students all the different types of poems that they can possibly do on their own.

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